Central Valley Farmworker Foundation


Our Mission:

To serve and support Central Valley farmworkers by providing programs and services to better their quality of life.

Who We Are:

The Central Valley Farmworker Foundation, also known as CVFF, was formed with the purpose of offering and creating opportunities that would enable farmworkers that reside in the Central Valley to develop personal and professional skills. Through the continued generosity and support from our donors, partners, and volunteers, we have been able to produce several programs and services aimed towards achieving this goal. Some of the services that we have offered and continue to offer include: Immigration Forums; Self-Defense Workshops; Financial Wellness Workshops; Fitness classes; and much more. 


What We Do:

We have five areas in which we model our services after: Personal Development; Professional Development; Health and Wellness; Community Engagement; and Immigration and Citizenship. Each of our services are catered based on data that allows us to determine which services are most needed in a given community. After we have determined what these services are, we then begin to work on developing programs that will help satisfy these needs. 

We believe in helping farmworkers become leaders, empowering individuals to become advocates for themselves and their communities. We have adapted a style of listening to farmworkers and using their experiences to help shape our projects. As a foundation that works to serve farmworkers, we carry this belief in all that we do.